Welcome to Climate Cooperators

Climate Cooperators is founded on the idea that small acts make a difference.    We are at a tipping point.  Climate Cooperators is putting its energy towards a positive future.

While the news is full of stories of dislocation and disaster, we are purveyors of what is going well.

Climate Cooperators is a program that brings the best of emerging ideas to groups that want to do something positive to contribute to the world.

Climate Cooperators offers customized, open-ended programs around global challenges related to environmental sustainability, and what people are doing that works.

And that is only the beginning!  Inspired by others’ creative ideas, participants develop their own plans for local contributions.  The program structures channels for action.

Climate Cooperators will identify the best of the participants for further recognition.  We plan to have two kinds of recognition.  On the one hand,  awards of electric vehicles and charging stations will recognize outstanding personal or group projects.  On the other hand, enterprising individuals with marketable business innovations will be supported through a partnership following the model of Launch Raleigh.

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