Festival for the Eno

Prizes Awarded!
(updated July 26) 

Festival for the Eno - July 4 and 6, 2019

All prizes for the Electric Vehicle Quiz have been awarded! Congratulations to our winners.

For all our entrants, thank you for your participation – we hope you enjoyed the quiz and continue your interest in Electric Vehicles. 

Previous updates:

July 8:

Our What Do You Know About Electric Vehicles contest received a large number of entries which we are now processing. Thanks very much for your participation.

We will be announcing results and awarding prizes as soon as possible. We’ll keep this page updated.

10:15pm: Update: We received 49 entries during the two days of the Festival. We begin transcription and ranking tomorrow, Tuesday.

July 10:

Click the button below to see the contest answers. 

July 12:

Entries are still being scored and judged. We’ll keep you posted. 

Update (11:03 pm):
Entrant living farthest from Festival (so far): Iowa City, Iowa ! 
1/3 through processing and scoring entries.

July 14:

All entries have now been processed. The contest judges are determining the final ranking, and prizes will be awarded immediately afterwards.

Update: farthest entrant is from Kelowna, British Columbia!


July 16:

Voting on the ranking of the entries should be complete by July 18.

Watch this space for the announcement of the winners.


Our goal for participating in the Festival for the Eno is to raise awareness of Climate Cooperators’ mission and to tap into this community’s needs, issues, and great ideas pertaining to climate change.

Last year:

Mike and visitor at booth
Mike at booth
Electric overboard donated to ENO Festival raffle
Bob demonstrating prize EV (Solar Rover)

Past Events

Durham Earth Day Festival – April 2018

Climate Cooperators was represented on April 22 by Mike Rychener, our Founder. Joining him was Joe Durham, of Driver’s Network Auto


Climate Cooperators friend Joyce Kuhn


Climate Cooperators Founder Mike Rychener


NC Climate Summit, November 17-19, 2017, Haw River State Park, Brown Summit, NC

With youth and adults from across NC, dive deep into multi-racial and intergenerational learning.  Together, explore grassroots solutions that make our communities more resilient, equitable, and powerful, as we work to avert climate chaos.  Register Now!

Reuse!  A Documentary Screening  Because You Can’t Recycle the Planet, November 17, Durham Central Park, 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Co-Sponsored by Durham Originals,  DontwasteDurham.org , and The Scrap Exchange.  Also, see DurhamGreentoGo.com

Earth Care Witness Forum,  11:45 a.m. – 1:00 pm, Sunday, November 5

Sponsored by the Durham Friends Meeting

Come join us as Rebecca Dodder leads us in the energy options game, GENERATE!

The game, developed by Rebecca and her colleagues at EPA, engages players ages 12 and older in planning for their own energy system, while balancing economic realities with the environmental consequences of their decisions. While it doesn’t ignore the difficult and complex choices, it breaks them down in an interesting and fun way that encourages dialogue around our energy choices. How we, as a community, state, and a nation, build our energy system over the next several decades will have profound implications for the health of our air, water, land, and climate.

The Durham Friends meetinghouse is the large building found at the back of the property at:
404 Alexander Avenue
Durham, NC 27705

Bill Powers : Friday, November 3, 2017, 7:00 p.m.

  • author of North Carolina Clean Path 2025:  Achieving an Economical Clean Energy Future
  • The Friday Center at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

EcoChallenge 2017 : October 11 – 25, 2017

  • EcoChallenge Durham Launch the FutureJoin the Durham Launch the Future Team … or form your own and compete!
  • Choose your own daily or one-time challenges to get points for the team
  • See how many things you are already doing that make a difference
  • Challenge yourself to try something new!
  • Invite friends and family and challenge them!

Bike Durham Fall Social : October 7, 2017  Bike Durham Fall Social

Visit our table at the Durty Bull Brewing Company, 206 Broadway, Durham.

This is a fabulous place to hang out, hear live music, enjoy local brew, food & friends!  Bring your bike!  Or your dog!